Who we are

In the heart of Prato’s historical center, stands the Accademia Residence, nestled within the city’s most frequently strolled streets. Constructed in the characteristic Medieval style, the building has been modified and restructured throughout the centuries.


In Medieval history, when Tuscany was divided into several city-states, it served as the antica posta or place where messengers arrived, bearing official messages and documents. These hired travelers would change their horses and rest there until their departure the next day.


Today, the building has been restructured to reflect its original conformation, using traditional materials from the area. It currently offers the highest level of hospitality to modern day visitors who come to our city for business and pleasure.

Why choose us

Whether you are in Tuscany for business or pleasure, Residence Accademia may prove to be the right choice for your stay. Its geographically strategic location is one apparent reason: located just a few kilometers from Florence, it is well-served by two highways (A1 Milan-Naples and A11 Florence-Sea). It’s the ideal place from which to organize visits (both by car or train) to Tuscany’s artistic cities. It’s also a great home-base from where to plan food and wine-tasting excursions to the near-by villages and hill towns of the Chianti region.

Prato is also a great alternative place to stay if Florence is your final destination, both for its logistic convenience and money-saving potential, particularly during Florentine fashion fairs and other organized events. The train connections from Prato to Florence are simply excellent. With a train departing every 15 minutes and reasonable ticket prices, the train service can almost be considered an above-ground subway system.  

Prato will surprise you for its pleasant livability, typical of a Tuscan town with a medieval heart.

Accademia Residence

Via dell'Accademia, 45
59100 Prato, Italia
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